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Breeding high quality ragdolls since 2011


Dedicated to the love of Ragdoll breed



I started breeding ragdolls in 2011 with love and passion and since then our cattery is growing and improving. I think it is very important that our cats share their lives with us, we share our home and they are part of our every day life from cooking in the kitchen to sleeping in our bed. Many people simply can't imagine how big dedication and how hard work it is!

We are also showing our cats, because I think it is very important to get feedback that our breeding program is developing in the right direction.




Judit Jozan

Phone: 860-835-3418

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At MirumKitty, we breed high-quality, happy, and healthy ragdoll kittens for sale that conform to the TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard. Therefore, we breed only BLUE-EYED POINTED  ragdoll kittens. We are breeding only blue any seal colored ragdoll kittens in mitted, bicolor, seal lynx point mitted and seal lynx point bicolor. No funky colors, because I experienced it causes the loss of our cat's type, so we stopped experimenting with lilac and chocolate colors. We also don't breed red colors, because I experienced tortie color comes with a particular​​ strange temperament that is often called 'tortitude', and I don't want that, I want all my ragdolls to be sweet, cuddly and well-socialized.

Suppose you are looking for a top-show-quality, healthy, sweet Ragdoll kitten for sale with genetically tested parents, authentic pedigrees, championship bloodlines, and genuine lineage from a well-experienced breeder, you have arrived at the right website.

We are a TICA registered outstanding ragdoll cattery. We stand behind our kittens with a 3 year health guarantee for geneitc problems and FIP. Many breeders would ask why FIP is included. It is included because I think it is determined not only from environmental factors, but also by genetic factors. Both are equally important. Our health guarantee does not mean we pay all medical bills for you. No, it means we are replacing your kitten in case he or she dies from a genitic problem or FIP.

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