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Our cats are born carnivores, so feeding them raw meat is an excellent choice. Their digestive system developed to digest high protein and fat meals.

The advantages of raw diet

Kibble is a highly processed food, and by the time it ends up in the bowl of your kitty, it went through such long process that could effect its quality and the vitamin, mineral content could be lost.

Your cat can more easily diegest raw food, so it helps him being more active, healthy and energized. 

Raw diet helps your cat to reduce inflammation in his digestive system, and all inflammation related health issues.

And last but not least we must mention, as the raw meal is easier to digest, it will reduce the size and smell of their poop.

pre-made raw meals

Nowadays we have access to excellent raw meals, we don't need to make our own raw meat for our cats. Pre-made raw meals are easier to use, and we don't need to worry about the content, because it is already prepaired for our cats.

We order from two different companies: VIVA RAW and Darwin's Natural Pet Products.





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