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Available kittens

We are dedicated to breeding healthy ragdoll kittens who are socialized as much as possible until the time they leave for their new families. Our cats and kittens are raised 'underfoot', so they share our home with us and are part of our everyday life.

Our kittens are leaving:
-   with a written contract,

-   3-4 times vaccinated with Purevax RCP depending on the kittens' age,
-   dewormed,
-   chipped,
-   spayed/neutered (there are no exceptions)
-   with a show bath
-   with TICA registration breeder slip,  or pedigree
-   with a copy of the health tests of parents, they are tested for more than 40 genetic issues including HCM and PKD;
- with a starter pack (dry food, nail clipper, and toys for your kitten) and
- with 5 YEARS HEALTH GUARANTEE including FIP (health guarantee doesn't mean I am your insurance company for 5 years, it means if your kitten dies from any genetic disease or FIP, you will get another kitten for free as a replacement).

We do prefer our kittens leave with a flight nanny, we can also help to deliver your kitten either by car or by plane as my sister and I are both licensed pet couriers.

Those who placed a deposit can choose first from the available kittens in order they placed their deposit (the day of the arrival of the deposit). Deposits are non-refundable. In case you are a breeder and placed a deposit, all show pets listed here are suitable for show and breeding as well.
Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable!

Show pets are the kittens that I consider show quality and conform to the TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard. It means the kitten has a nice type and coloring is within the allowance of the standard. I would be very happy if these kittens would be shown. Show pets are individually priced from 3000 USD to 4000 USD

Pets are the kittens who don't meet the allowances of the TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard, but they would do a perfect lovely pet in every home. Pet kittens are individually priced from 1300 USD to 2800 USD.


Currently Available
updated: 4/16/24

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