Available kittens 

We are dedicated to breed healthy ragdoll kittens who are socialized as much as possible untill the time they are leaving to their new families. Our cats and kittens are raised 'underfoot', so they are sharing our home with us and part of our everyday life.

Our kittens are leaving:
-   3 times vaccinated with Merial Purevax RCP,
-   8 times dewormed,
-   chipped,
-   spayed/neutered
-   with a show bath
-   with TICA registration papers, 5 generation pedigree
-   with a copy of health tests of parents,
- with a starter pack (dry food, nail clipper, comb, toys, probiotics and vitamin for your kitten) and
- with 5 YEARS HEALTH GUARANTEE including FIP.

We do prefer our kittens leaving with a flight nanny, we can also help to deliver your kitten either by car or by plane as my sister and I are both licensed pet couriers.

Currently Available

MirumKitty Nio is available as a show pet. He has a very nice personality, he is always following us everywhere in the house, he is interested in everything. He likes to stay in our hands, likes cuddles very much. He will be a very big boy, he was born as the biggest in the litter. He has an easy to groom bunny coat.

He was born on 7th March 2022.

His mother is MirumKitty Copy Cat and his father is Chiffondolls He's Got The Look.


MirumKitty Pufy is available as a pet. 
He has the most affectionate, lovely personality! He loves cuddles, he loves to sleep on your lap.
He has a very big muscular body, already shows very big size. He has a very easy to groom silky soft coat texture, vivid blue eyes, and a very sweet expression o his face. He was born on 23rd August 2021. His mother is MirumKitty Summer Feelin and his father is MirumKitty Dazzle Me.


MirumKitty Sebastian is available as a show pet. 

He is a very sweet boy, affectionate and cuddly. He follows you everywhere in the house, he loves to sleep on our bed. He has an easy to groom silky coat texture and deep blue eyes. 

He was born 22nd March 2022.

His mother is MirumKitty Watermelon Sugar, and his dad is Chiffondolls He's Got the Look.